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Read what some of our clients have said about Rabid Badger Haunt Consulting Services:

Bonnie Griffin from The 13th Acre Haunt in Monroe, NC

I had such a great experience with Drew Badger and his actor training program. He is a natural speaker and brings a very creative approach to traditional training. The actors were continuously engaged throughout the training, and I really appreciated being able to stand back with our management team and observe the actors in action. This is something I rarely get to do and it was very insightful.

Brandy Nesselrodt from Fear Forest in Harrisonburg, VA

Fear Forest has always been a very actor driven show. We utilize 60 plus actors in our attractions. Facing new challenges with staffing and motivation that we experienced in our day to day, we decided that we needed to seek help from an outside source to make sure we were prepared for this season. We spoke with Drew Badger, and scheduled a time for him to work with our staff. From the minute we booked him, to the time he left our attraction he was professional. He offered good suggestions and was knowledgeable about haunted attractions/staffing. Our Fright Crew really enjoyed his enthusiasm. They paid attention to his class and were more involved actors for the season as a result of his training. The information was presented well and fun!
We definitely recommend Drew’s training program, and will book him to work with our staff in the future

Judy Champion from Darkside Haunted Estates

This was our first year having Drew Badger come and share his wealth of knowledge in the Haunt Industry. It was great to hear his perspective and give our veteran and newbie actors some great insight on how to make Darkside successful this Haunt Season and bring our scares to the next level. We highly recommend Drew for training and look forward to working with him in the future.

Lore Callahan from Hobbs Grove Halloween Haunt in Sanger CA

We have 140 actors and most have been with us for over 10 years, many 15 or 20. The problem? They don't hear me or the other managers anymore. Every few years we bring in new blood and Drew fit that bill perfectly. He has a commanding voice combined with SO many experiences as well as solid training. He held everyone's attention for both days and stayed 2 more to help character develop during rehearsals. Bringing in a being from the outer haunt world connected the crew with all the other haunts in a way that I or management never could have. We hated to see him go.
We also held a separate gathering of management and 30 actors with the best leadership qualities. That gathering was very successful. Drew was able to take my concerns and desires and "voice" them in a way that they not only heard and understood but were clamoring to do even more and better. I needed that! and so did the crew. We look forward to having him back.

Eddie Mclaurin from Woods of Terror in Greensboro, NC

My haunt is an actor driven haunt. Using Badger for my trainings really prepared my actors for the haunt season. Having Badger come to your haunt will really improve your actors. Badgers training is a great investment for any Haunt.

Chad Mitchell from the 901 Nightmare in Edgemoor, SC

I wanted to let you know what a GREAT job you did this year on the workshop down at the 901 Nightmare! The workshop was very structured, and you were very detailed in your presentation. All the 901 actors stayed attentive and they loved the team building exercises. I would recommend your workshop to anyone in the industry that has never had you come out! I look forward to getting you to come out again when new actors are hired, and everyone needs a refresh. Well worth the cost and time!

Paul Naclerio from Hudson Horrors in Rye, NY

I’ll admit I went into the workshop totally blind. What you presented was not what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised with your presentation and with the information about how to properly work in a haunt. My background is in theater and film so I came into this project with little to no knowledge of the etiquette of working in a haunt. Most of the information made 100% sense but you don't use it unless someone actually tells you that this is the proper way. I found the exercises with the actors in groups to be so useful because of the 60-80 actors that I hired, I knew only about six of them personally so seeing them perform those small skits was invaluable in me determining where I put each actor. Thank you for being so helpful and I look forward to us crossing paths again.

Alexis Geletka from Miller's Haunted Hayride in Winslow, NJ

Drew Badger has yet to disappoint! This has been the second year we have hired his services, and our attraction keeps getting better and better. The actors are much more enthusiastic and take their character to the next level. We owe much of our success to Drew! Thank you!

Vinny Grosso from Arx Mortis Haunted Attraction in Killen, AL

Although we have our own accomplished actor trainers that work extensively with our actors in the weeks leading up to our Fall event each year, we felt that bringing in someone from the outside would give our actors new perspective and ideas. Badger definitely didn’t disappoint!
The number of 5 star reviews our actors received last fall were testament to the great weekend we spent with Badger during the summer. As a heavily actor-oriented haunt, the investment of time and money into our actors paid off by improving our overall show. We hope to have him back again to work with both new and veteran actors to help us keep riding that professional actor high.

Jack Beckwith from Twisted Fields of Terror in Prince Fredrick MD

Twisted Fields Of Terror operated for its third year and hired Drew Badger to come in a train its actors for the first time ever. The training was by far beneficial to our actors! The customers had nothing but great things to say about the quality of talent we had, and we believe that was a direct result of the training our actors received. Additionally our veterans actors were able to use the skills taught, to help those who were unable to attend. We look forward to working with Drew in the future!

Louis Brown from DarkWood Manor in Luray, VA

Every few years I will hire a professional actor trainer to conduct a training class for my actors. I find it valuable to present to them fresh perspectives on acting in a haunted house.
Last season I hired Drew Badger to conduct a day long training class for my actors and crew. I was extremely pleased with the class he presented. Drew was well spoken and presented the information in a fun and concise way. He was able to relate the information to my actors in a way that kept them engaged and interested.
I highly recommend Drew for training new actors, as well as teaching veterans a few new tricks that will bring your show up to the next level.

Allan Bennett from Bennett's Curse Haunted Attraction in Baltimore, MD

We highly recommend hiring Rabid Badger for your actor training. With this year being our big 13th year anniversary, and with a large pool of new actors, we really wanted to get everyone up to speed and performing at the high level expected at Bennett's Curse. The actors all had a great time and the exercises were very well received and we believe actors are willing to learn more if they are having fun! Badger was able to use his experience as an actor to tap into the actor experience and be relatable, and the same time offer the owners perspective and convey expectations and safety training as well. It was an all around productive workshop and we expect to work with him again in the future!

Bill Danishek of Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog in Lebanon, OH

What a great experience. I was hoping by bringing you in, our actors would have some fun, learn some new techniques and be armed to kick ass this season. What I didn't expect was the ownership they would take in their scenes and being part of this haunt- it was incredible. I had first and second year actors, calling and e-mailing me ideas for their character, coming out, rehearsing and tweaking their scare. That sense of ownership transcends into quality, which is our ultimate goal. Our opening weekend came and went. Our actors totally hit the mark and it didn't go unnoticed…
† City Blood Haunt Review about the Black Bog † - The acting has also improved at The Black Bog. The actors are more intense and in your face and very few ever break character. Overall the improvements The Black Bog has made are pretty astounding. The trail is better designed, the actors are better trained and it's much scarier than it's ever been.
† Ohio Valley Haunts † - Their Headless Horseman was voted "Best actor for 2010"

Linda Pickard - X-Treme Fear, Greensboro, NC

Badger did a wonderful job with actor training. Over 3/4 of our staff was new this year, and they really paid attention and were very enthusiastic about listening to what he had to say. Even if your haunt is awesome (as I of course think ours is.) You can talk till your blue in the face and try to teach them things that you know will work, they tend to absorb more from someone who has been hired just to teach them. It also gives them a special feeling to see that your willing to put extra time and effort into helping them do their job! It was very beneficial, thanks Badger! We enjoyed having you!

Danielle Wallace Programs Director, Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington, NC

Drew was great to work with. He provided us with a lot of ideas, good & solid advice, encouragement, and enthusiasm for our first year as a haunted house. He was always checking in with us to see how things were progressing and it was obvious that he felt that he was not successful until our event was successful. To our joy, it was more successful than we could have imagined. Thanks, Drew!

Heather Bilbay - Spook Haven Haunted House in Lock Haven, PA

Just wanted to thank Badger and Chris for the great training seminar at Spook Haven this weekend. We were more than pleased with the knowledge the owners, management, and actors gained. I've been getting text messages and e-mail from my actors all night. One thing is for sure; they enjoyed themselves and are very psyched for the season. So I know the decision to hire trainers is one decision that I couldn't afford to not budget for in the future. If you are on the fence about hiring a trainer bring these guys in, it's not too late. Badger goes from A to Z on basic to more advanced techniques. Giving history, technique, and credit to the sources he has learned from over the years. Chris does a great job teaching new sliders the proper technique to safely execute the stunt and the art of sliding. These two guys were very professional and willing to share their opinions and knowledge of the business. We had an awesome weekend and the crew at Spook Haven Haunted Attraction thanks you both very much!!

Joel Watson - Heartstoppers Haunted House in Rancho Cordova, CA

This June we had Badger come out for a weekend of actor training, and it was really great! Both my veteran actors and the newbies were really into his training techniques and even kept their attention for both days! Many of them have since told me that Badger has been their favorite trainer so far, and they are all excited to get going this year! If there is anyone out there who is looking to take their show to the next level, I highly recommend hiring Rabid Badger to come train your people. They will have a great time and in turn so will your customers.

Dawn Follin - All Hallow's Revenge in Georgetown, DE

Being a first-year haunt, we at All Hallow's Revenge had almost no clue as to how the haunt was going to work from an actor standpoint. This was the case until we had Rabid Badger present his Boo Camp to the approximately thirty actors at our small Delaware haunt. Badger went over every nuance of the horror genre before moving into an in-depth, interactive lesson on the ins and outs of effective scare acting. Without his expertise, our haunt would have probably just been mediocre, but using what he taught us, we excelled and all of our customers were more than impressed with the talents and techniques used by our actors. Badger's Boo Camp truly took us over the top. We will be asking him back next year so that we can kick it up another notch!

Rickey, The Spookyman - Haunted Hollow Funeral Home in Beulah, AL

The radio commercial you made for us is getting results! Thank you so much! We'll definitely use you again! Heck YEAH!

Shawn Troxel - Twisted Woods in Bradenton, FL

Badger, having you come to our Haunt last season was a great experience for us and our actors. It really helped pick what actors would be top performers before we started and helped bring our show to a very high level. I could not tell you how many guests came up to me and said how great or staff was. I thank you. I can not wait for you to come back next season.

Boo Camp Student/Joshua - Spook Haven Haunted House in Lock Haven, PA

To be completely honest, I loved the whole thing about it! I think we should have added more workouts upon the acting part, but over all I think the whole session was very useful as well as educational also. The way that your lessons were well organized and spaced out were amazing! Taking time out to speak to each individual actor and provide them with alternate techniques to spice up their "Boo's" to insure that they would get a scare in every group was very cool as well! "Boo Camp" is a must have for any haunt in my eyes, you learn things that actors and haunt owners never really think about until once it has been mentioned from a professional stand point. Badger, buddy Ole pal, you are doing a wonderful thing that I believe the haunt industry really needs. People, Haunt owners, actors, please take into consideration when I say that, definitely this is something that you do not want to miss out on if you want to spice up your haunt in the acting and technique stand point! Pass this on, and get this for your haunt NOW!!!

Boo Camp student Adam from Frightland in Middletown DE

Let me start off by saying I was greatly impressed with how well he commanded the crowd and held our attention. I also liked how he discussed owning your spot and character. If you develop your own character then you have more fun with it. So I must say I have put great thought into what Drew said about character development and have come up with an idea that best fits me, and the position as well.

Boo Camp student Joshua from Frightland in Middletown DE

First, Drew did a great job with engaging with us during his instruction. I believe Safety should definitely be a focus for some of us who, at times, forget small things like keeping trash/belongings out of our work area. It does seem like a boring topic to cover but it is very important as it could mean saving the actors from an unexpected injury!
The exercises we went through were very insightful and fun!! I definitely think we should still do the numbers exercise, as I seen there is more to it than just counting in turn! It will help keep our sync together even when our #6 doesn't show! We should be able to scare as effectively without number as we can with them present that night. It was evident in The Attic the one year when there were only 5-6 of them in there! They pulled together and kept the "flow" of that area going without the guests even noticing.
Overall, I believe we should have Drew come back again as it was fun, engaging, educational, and insightful!

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